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Typing programs, version beta

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They are a programs of free distribution and open source (*). See the page, from: Logo

08/17/2009 Version

English corrections by Esther Juncà, Dídac Ettinghausen and Odette Maheux

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For download it, directly, click here: 3.389Kb


It is a program to facilitate the typewriting learning using a computer. This is the version for a single user (MecAlu is to use with professor).

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It has a virtual keyboard with several adjustments. There is a presentation of virtual hands indicating which finger to use.

Multiplicity of exercises possibilities: preset, with random words and from the clipboard (with the text copied from an open editor). With academic and game modes.

Results presentation, and individually.

Letters measure adjustment for bigger comfort of the view, or for people with visual difficulty. Designed for use by people with visual loss or users who require screen reader.

Possibility to use the program like a text editor, it can be useful for:

1. Emigrants, and translators or writers, that use languages of completely different writing. That allows them to see the virtual keyboard when they don't have the necessary real keyboard.

2. Severe handicapped people can write text. However, they must be able to use an adapted mouse or cursor and to clicking in the virtual keyboard.

2. Demonstration, in an audiovisual media, of the use of the computer keyboard during the introduction to the computer science.

Edition and selection of different:

Placement of fingers and hands over keys, useful for people that can only use a single hand or they lack some finger.

Keyboard and edition of characters patron definitions for random words.

Automatic creation of preset exercises.

It has contextual helps that appear pressing F1.


MecAlu icon MecAlu and EdiGesMec icon EdiGesMec Pending!.

For use with professor.


Is the editor program of lessons, exercises and character patterns. Also it can manage the use in local net or in a distance course, determining users' files and the files of the lessons' results carried out by the students.

The lesson can contain the following records or elements: Preset exercise, Exercise with random words, Condition with destination (in the case of prospective results are not completed it will be executed the target record or the target lesson), Destination (it will be executed the target record or the target lesson), Annotation: free text.


Is the version of Mecanog version to work with professor (and EdiGesMec), supporting lessons.

(*) The program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. You can download the source, in Object Pascal (Delphi): 1,330Kb.

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